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Setting powder, also known as translucent powder or finish powder , used to set and finish makeup , providing a matte, smooth, and long-lasting appearance to the skin. A fine, loose powder designed to be applied over foundation , concealer , or other makeup to lock it in place and create a polished finish.

Setting powders primary function is to "set" or "lock in" liquid or cream makeup products , preventing them from smudging , creasing, or transferring throughout the day. The matte finish  powder is formulated to reduce shine , control oil, and minimize the appearance of pores. 

Setting powders often have a light diffusing  properties  that can often assist with blurring effects to hide fine lines, wrinkles , and imperfections , giving the skin a smoother look. The oil control properties  absorb  the oils and help to reduce excess shine; which is great for oil or combination skin.

By creating a barrier over makeup, setting powder helps makeup last longer, even in hot or humid conditions. 

Translucent setting powders are designed to be colorless or lightly tinted, making them suitable for a wide range of skin tones without altering the color of the makeup underneath .

You can apply setting powder with a makeup brush, sponge, or powder puff. Gently press or dust the powder over the face, concentrating on areas prone to shine or where makeup  may crease, such as the T zone.

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